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Speak Lao Now formed with the need to bridge the communication gap for people wanting to interface with others in Laos. This served as an enablement for personal and business needs.

Kim Shaikh

Kim started Speak Lao Now with the interest of teaching spoken Lao language to children and adults alike. She received her Bachelors in child education from Fresno State University , California. Kim is also the co-founder of Asian American Living, a non-profit that helps bridge the culture gap within local communities. 

Sooksanh Chanthalangsy
Language Advisor

Proficient in the business language part of this endeavor. She actively learns and teaches ways of communicating while dealing with business entities in Laos. 

Vieng Linberg
VP Marketing

Vieng is a multi-disciplinary board member. With experiences ranging from the travel industry to translating for state entities with Lao and Thai language needs

Cale Linberg
Outside Counsel

Cale Linberg is our counsel for non Laotians learning the language. His knowledge of spoken, written and the culture of Lao brings a keen insight into projects that cross train customers from other countries.

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